How Therapy Can Help You

We are more depressed than ever before. Modern society – with its high expectations of being perfect and its emphasis on material success – has contributed to a huge increase in anxiety and depression. Finding satisfying relationships with a partner and friends seems to be much harder as we move from community to community and job to job.

Counselling therapy helps us develop a stronger and more positive sense of ourselves when we feel stuck so we can follow the paths we choose in life. It can help us learn to manage sometimes overwhelming negative feelings, to recognise, understand and change self-defeating patterns, to heal past pain. It can help unlock and develop the inner strength needed to learn new ways of behaving in relationships and to deal with crises, thereby boosting self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.

As a counsellor, my focus is to help you understand the past so that you can work on the issues affecting you in the present.
I use different psychological approaches and theories to help you. This is called working “integratively”.

Learning how to become self-empowered is key to making changes in your life. I will work with you to help you discover the necessary skills, tools and resources.

I will also teach you about the mind-body connection and how stress affects your body and brain. I give you material to read so you can understand your body’s stress arousal. I can help you reduce your anxiety levels by giving you techniques to calm yourself. Through understanding how trauma and stress are affecting you, we will be able to work together more easily and speed up the healing process.

Psychodynamic theory looks at the unconscious processes that influence our behaviour. This helps us to work on unresolved conflicts and symptoms that arise from past dysfunctional relationships.

Attachment Theory focuses on the key long-term relationships and bonds in our lives, most often with our parents, which have shaped our adult behaviour and which have influenced our choices of partners and friends.

I also draw on new developments in neuroscience, where the really good news is that with the right therapy, our brains are completely capable of making positive changes in our negative thinking and behaviour.


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